Sendy is a self hosted email marketing application that allows you to send emails via Amazons Simple Email Service (SES)

While some companies have the pleasure of a technical department to deploy such installations, others may find the whole process quite daunting, even off putting.

Paul will advise and implement every best practice he has learned from the previous installations already under his belt. From which domain name to use, the best hosting provider for the software, the Amazon SES application and sending limit increase request, right up to the installation, setup, training and even ongoing support for upgrades etc.

For those looking for a professional to take ownership of your Sendy project, look no further.

Typical Setup and Installation Scenario

The below is a typical overview of how past projects have run. Nothing is set in stone so any part can be altered to suit your individual needs.

Rather than rush into the setup, I’ll first arrange a time to chat with you on Skype, to discuss what you are trying to achieve from using Sendy, establish if it’s the best platform for you, discuss costs and answer any initial questions .

The initial consultation is free of charge, so at this stage you are under no obligation to move forward.

When you are happy to move forward i’ll email you a terms of business contract, an optional NDA, a pricing schedule and an initial invoice for the deposit. The deposit will need to be paid before we proceed onto the next stage.

Once we are all signed up and paid, the next stage is to pencil in a plan for the project to begin. Time frames to be agreed. Initial hosting and Amazon SES applications to be dealt with. We will agree a suitable per sec and daily sending limit to request.

Discussion Points

  • Domain Selection
  • Hosting Provider
  • Sending Domain Selection
  • Amazon SES application
  • Daily and Per Sec sending limits.
  • Backups, cloud and on-site.
  • Access control
  • Website integration
  • GDPR Compliance

Amazon SES approval and hosting setup are required to move forward with the project. The Amazon SES application can only be made by you, but I will be on hand to guide you through the signup process by phone or even screen share. Help will be provided to increase Amazons strict sending limits, so you can send the amount you require.

This is where I go quite for a while, it will allow me to focus on the installation, setup and testing of Sendy … You would have to purchase a sendy license to enable me to proceed to this stage. Don’t worry too much, the cost is a mere $59.00.

Once setup, I’ll run some benchmark tests to make sure every aspect is working as it should. I will need a testing account to be made available to me for this process.

Handover and training can be arranged together or at separate times. i’e the people using the platform may not be the same people running administrative processes.

My standard training takes about an hour to complete, the training covers all the basics of uploading your data and sending out your first campaign. I run the training online with up to 10 participants. A recording is also provided at the end of the session.

At the end of the online course, we will have an open Q&A which normally runs for about an hour.

The handover is where I spend some time with the person(s) responsible for maintaining the platform. We will discuss things like user management, security, back-ups, upgrades and housekeeping tasks. This normally lasts approx. 1 hour.

If and now we move forward is determined by yourselves. I can handover and leave everything for you to handle, and you can use me on a pay per case as and when required. On the other hand, for a negotiated monthly fee I can act as the administrator for your setup. I’d take care of backups, upgrades, user management and any 3rd party integrations you need. I can do as little or as much that suits your requirements and budget.

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