You have probably already read all the email marketing advice you can stomach, tips on subject lines, open rates, engaging content, powerful CTA’s (Call To Actions) and about a ton of other titbits that are available to read online.

But what is the point of email marketing if your emails never reach a subscribers in-box?

Pretty worthless right?

That’s why it’s so important to check your sender reputation, because if your IP or domain name have low scores, you could very quickly run into trouble.

What is an IP reputation?

An IP reputation depicts trust given to an IP address by a receiving mail server, a good reputation is a positive thing where mail servers are more likely to show trust in the received email and place it into the users in-box rather than junk folder.

By contrast, a bad reputation will mean that your emails are less likely to reach the intended recipient. With the increased chances of the emails being classed as SPAM or for very bad reputations, even being deferred or rejected.

Below are some recommended services you can use to check your sender reputation.

5 Services to check your IP reputation works like a credit score, the higher the score, the better reputation the IP has. All scores are based on a scale of 0 -100, where 0 is the worst, and 100 is the best possible score. A score represents that IP address’s rank as measured against other IP addresses, much like a percentile ranking. Talos Intelligence is a service offered by Cisco and provides you with tools to check your reputation by ranking it as Good, Neutral, or Poor. Good means there is little or no threat activity. Neutral means your IP address or domain is within acceptable parameters, but may still be filtered or blocked. Poor means there is a problematic level of threat activity and you are likely to be filtered or blocked.


Barracuda Central maintains a history of IP addresses and domains for both known spammers as well as senders with good email practices. Check your IP and domain on their real-time database to see if you are listed as ‘poor’ or ‘good’


WatchGuard’s ReputationAuthority lets you check your domain and IP behaviour score. Resulting in a score between of between 0 -100. There service is used to protect companies from unwanted email and web traffic that contain spam, malware, spyware, malicious code, and phishing attacks.


TrustedSource by McAfee® provides an online tool that enables you to check if a site is categorised within various versions of the SmartFilter Internet Database or the Webwasher URL Filter Database. It provides information on both your domain’s email and web reputations as well as affiliations, domain name system (DNS), and mail server information

Its not just about IP reputation

Be aware that IP reputation is one of many metrics that are used by mail servers when accessing an email and determining if its SPAM or not.

A positive IP reputation score alone, even if it’s in the late 90-100 will not guarantee in-box placement.

Its also very important to keep an eye on list engagement, i.e (open, clicks, TiNs etc) and reputation (spam complaints, spam traps, unknown users etc) and lets not forget high bounce rates can have a real negative impact on delivery too.