I’ve been an avid fan of WordPress for years and would recommend the platform to anyone looking to get into the world of blogging or looking for an easy way to create a great looking website.

Whichever route you decide, self hosted via WordPress.org or hosted via WordPress.com you will find everything you need in a CMS (Content Management System) to enable you to flourish out on the great WWW.

Choosing A Theme

There are literally tens of thousands of themes available, both free and premium. There must be a theme to fit every industry and for every project.

While this is a good thing in terms of choice, for the likes of me there is also a downside.

Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing, it’s easy to get lost in the repetitive loop of clicking through themes on sites like envatomarket and then endlessly viewing demo sites while trying to visualise if the theme could work for you.

I have spent many hours into the night doing this very thing.

Even top tier themes can cost a relatively small amount, from $19.00 – $89.00, so deciding to make a purchase is normally made without the financial implication at the top of your list.

So you find your dream theme

Without a second thought I purchase said theme, quickly upload it without reading the installation and setup guides. Then spend the next few days pottering around the many settings trying to get the look I want.

But it never quite looks like the demo site does it, there always seems to be that something missing, your logo never quite fits in to the theme like the one on the demo site.

So off I go looking for another theme and the vicious cycle starts again.

Is there a moral behind this well written story I hear you cry.

There sure is …While a fantastic looking theme is desirable and the overall design is important, do not get lost and consumed with the search for the perfect theme. Once you’ve made your millions from the fantastic content you write you can pay for a top-notch designer to make your website dream a reality.

Try starting with a standard, fast loading theme that you can build on as your blog grows. I use Generate Press due to the fact you can be up and running in 30 or so minutes, it’s easy to tweak and looks quite good.

Blogs need good content, write well and your readers and followers will start to grow. ignore content for the sake of design at your peril.

The financial lost can quickly add-up too, I have purchased tons of themes where the design was abandoned soon after the purchase. Money wanted, time wasted,